Sunday, January 11, 2009

Life challenges

Here I sit, not having blogged in a while, contemplating the words I'm about to write. Challenges have come strong and in full force as my wife is battling breast cancer. She is on the losing end of it at the moment, but that doesn't mean it will stay that way. We are looking for her to start another chemo treatment...what will be the fifth line of chemo. Her body has taken a brutal beating at the hands of this cancer, yet we fight. 

So many friends and family members have lent their most loving support on all levels. A challenge like this really lets you know you are not alone. At least, we are fortunate to be blessed with so many wonderful friends.

And through it all, I keep creating and working. Work has become my little oasis. I'm learning how to switch gears on a dime to be able to answer my loved ones call for help. So in between creating a new children's book, editing client's music and setting sights on future projects, I tend to my beloved. Sometimes it's hard to switch gears and I feel resentful, but my deep love for Monica is so true, it doesn't take long til the frustration melts into love. 

I'm holding onto a vision of her vibrantly healthy. Please, if you wish, take a moment and do the same. Thank you.